Apply to become a Shoe Street Ambassador

1.1. You must be 18 years or older.
1.2. Must be based within South Africa.
1.3. Have a minimum of 5000-15000 followers.
1.4. Have a good appearance and personality.
1.5. Fit our company’s identity to the best of your ability.
1.6. Have a good engagement on various social media platforms (these platforms must not be off a private account).

2. The Shoe Street Ambassador Benefits:
2.1. You could stand a chance to be featured on our social media platforms which could help you increase your followers.
2.2. You have an early access to Shoe Street deals.
2.3. You will receive discounts, vouchers and coupons.
2.4. You could stand a chance to win free shoes for an entire year.

1.1. Your content remains yours. However you grant us the right to use your content on our social media platforms.
1.2. You also warrant to us that you are the owner of the content on your social media platforms.
1.3. You indemnify us in the event of infringement of intellectual property arising through your conduct.

2. Protecting Shoe Street.
Our company is very important to us and we want to trust you with it!
If you are selected to be a Shoe Street Ambassador, you undertake not to do anything that would damage Shoe Street’s reputation nor will you make any discouraging or defamatory comments about Shoe Street in any context or on any social media platforms.
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